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Jain little champs

The Pre Primary stage is the foundation of every child's basic education. At this stage, the child is introduced to the basic skills of learning through the Play Way method.


Learning by Doing
Keeping in tune with modern times, Jain School, ensures that practical knowledge is placed on an equal footing with theoretical knowledge for the all-round development of the students.
For this purpose, the school has well-equipped junior and senior laboratories for Information Technology, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and Language where students do not merely replicate textbook procedures but devise and evaluate their own experiments.
They provide in-depth knowledge to the pupils and the student-friendly atmosphere in these laboratories helps to enrich the overall personality of the students through Motivation & Reinforcement.

Math lab & Science lab

Our vision through Labs is:
  • To enhance the observation skills amongst the students.
  • To develop the psychomotor skills of the child.
  • To co-relate practical knowledge with theory.

Dining Hall

Hygiene and quality are rigorously enforced in the Dining area to ensure that students receive the adequate nourishment and teachers carefully monitor students to check that they are eating correctly.

Infirmary (first aid)

Healthy mind resides in a healthy body
To make education productive it becomes the moral duty of the school to ascertain that the students and staff members are physically and mentally fit.

Technology @ campus

In today's dynamic and competitive world, technology has become an integral part of our lives. JAIN SCHOOL has always been at the forefront of introducing technology in its campus.
Technology is a boon and JAIN School has imbibed it in all possible ways to set the educational standards of a different equation.
The curriculum incorporates teaching-learning methodologies which facilitate the process and break the monotony of traditional learning patterns.
The exposure provided to the learners is maximized by the use of PowerPoint and Audio-Visual presentations, which make learning a stimulating and intriguing experience.
The campus-wide broadband e-connectivity with Wi-Fi has facilitated learning in all areas and has made learning fun for our learners. CCTV surveillance system for monitoring & event recording